Preventing Intimate-Partner Violence

For the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), DSG is conducting a formative evaluation and evaluability assessment of the Montgomery County Family Justice Center (MCFJC) in Rockville, Md. MCFJC provides housing, medical attention, counseling, and legal services to survivors of domestic violence. The results of the formative evaluation and evaluability assessment will lead to a blueprint to guide the planning of a rigorous evaluation of the program.


DSG’s preliminary research of the MCFJC has created an understanding of the facility by studying the experiences of both staff and survivors across seven dimensions of program operation:

    1. Implementation
    2. Program governance
    3. Funding and costs
    4. Client population
    5. Service provision
    6. Administrative data collection and storage capacity
    7. Willingness to participate in an evaluation

These seven dimensions are being used to conduct an evaluability assessment to determine the plausibility and feasibility of evaluating the MCFJC, as well as whether the data would be relevant to DSG’s original intention of investigating rates of domestic violence in relation to family justice centers. Following this, DSG will create an evaluation plan consisting of an outcome evaluation, process evaluation, and a cost analysis. 

DSG is partnering with Professor Lila Wood at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Center for Violence Prevention to perform the tasks included under this project.


For more information about this project, contact Project Director Steve Gies at or 301.951.0056.