USAID publication series on Latin America and the Caribbean

For the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Bureau, through a collaboration with Creative Associates International, Inc. (CAII), DSG served as the managing editor for a six-country publication series. The series profiled USAID’s education development efforts in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Peru.


The purpose of the series was to provide information on how the U.S. government is responding to diverse education investments needs in these countries through a variety of initiatives—ranging from projects that increase educational access for underserved populations to efforts to foster policy dialog and better decision-making throughout the region. Bringing these initiatives to life typically requires coordination with and participation from a variety of international, national, and local partners. Each profile treats one country and includes an analysis of problems that limit access to quality education there, defining those challenges within historical, political, and social contexts.

The publication outlines USAID’s strategies for targeting its education investments, describes specific projects for addressing key issues, and shares lessons learned and best practices for improving future programming. DSG joined with CAII’s graphics team to design the layout for the series. DSG also created the editorial template, presented the layout choices to the LAC Bureau, wrote much of and edited all of the text, consulted frequently with USAID host-country staff, and provided oversight to CAII’s design team, researchers, and writers to usher the series through to print. Reports for the five Spanish-speaking nations were printed in Spanish and English. The Jamaica report appeared in English.


For more information about the USAID Publication Series Project, contact DSG president Marcia Cohen at or 301.951.0056.